a bout

 polaroid - bird

putting the pieces together. looking back/ forward/ up/ down/ under/ around.

seeking the parts hidden/ forgotten.

between the “and” and the “or” of it.

sometimes hidden. sometimes precise. sometimes shifted.

The abouts change over time. Very few parts of myself seem to hold still long enough to merit an about.

I was employed last week. Today, I am not. That changes.

I’m engaged now. That will change also.

I struggle with a health thing today that is different than that which I struggled with before. Neither affect the ability to write, though they certainly affect that which I write about. So the abouts change.

I live in British Columbia. Life waxes and wanes. And I write.



knee class I

Prepared for the usual turn inward, doing my half-rotations on the recumbent bike, one of the women, short grey-black spiked hair & skinny legs, when she saw that I was listening, shifted so her whole face was visible around the side of the full-length mirror so I could hear her story better. These women have …


My crutches invite the question: what happened to your knee? did you tear your ACL? [he glanced down five times more after he asked me this]. were you running down a mountain? [i wish, i said. he kept beaming blankly in his purple shirt & man-bun]. some of the well-meaning will accept: I hurt my …